At Vacations Canada you may notice a trend here. We like to toot our own horn. If we do something right I like to   let it be known. When people think of Canada, they usually don't think of wine but Canada has become a competitor over the years winning many awards. From the west coast Okanagan Valley to the east coast of the Prince Edward Island (yes they have wine there too) we have every right to toot, our horn that is.

The Niagara Region is popular for their award winning wines: a few years ago I discovered a wine from the   Legends Estate   that blew me away. Next time you plan your Niagara Wine Tour be sure to include the Legends   Estate as one of your destinations. You won't be disappointed.

Over the years I have sampled a lot of Canadian wine from all different areas of the country: some fantastic and some, well perhaps needed a little more time. I was also very impressed with a red wine I had from the Mike Weir Winery. Very smooth and easy to drink. Established in 2005, the winery is new in age but old in quality.

Below is a link to Wines of Canada where you will find a list of wineries. If you're not in the habit of buying Canadian wine I encourage you to pick up at least one bottle every time you visit the liquor store. Try a different wine each time until you have discovered a favorite or two.

Recently we visited Prince Edward County where we participated in a Food and Wine event and spent the remainder of the weekend visiting wineries and cheese shops. Prince Edward County is fairly new to wine producing but they are certainly gaining momentum and the cheese is fantastic. Located in Ontario, Canada.

If you have a favorite Canadian wine please share it by writing about it in our forum.

Wines of Canada