Many years ago my husband and I traveled to the west coast of Canada to visit the Sunshine Coast. I had been to Vancouver and Victoria before but never travelled north of Squamish. Our trip was amazing. I didn't take notes so I'm just going to highlight my favorite memories of this trip.

Salt Spring Island

I really enjoyed our visit to Salt Spring Island. It's a wonderful little artist's community surrounded by nature. We enjoyed a short art tour where I bought a small print of a cow from local artist Jill Campbell. I have a thing for cow paintings so I couldn't resist. The island also offers outdoor adventures for everyone.


I absolutely loved Tofino. We found a fantastic apartment above a landlords garage and had a beautiful view of the bay. The village of Tofino is lively, youthful and full of surfer enthusiasts. There was an abundance of sea food that my husband thoroughly enjoyed and if I wasn't a vegetarian I'm sure I would have enjoyed it as well. We did a couple of great hikes and rented kayaks for the day. I just loved it!

toffinokayakingtoffinosunsetKayaking in Tofino







toffinosurfschoolTofino Surf School






                                                           Beautiful sunset from our apartment in Tofino



Sechelt was a quick stop on our trip. We stayed at a very nice b&b which was on a hill overlooking the bay. We rented mountain bikes and rode through the woods. I remember riding into a ditch-no reason for it really. I had a very wide path to ride on but as soon as I looked at the ditch-bang-I went straight into it. Got a good laugh out of that. We also went on a boat cruise in the Princess Louisa Inlet which lead us to Chatterbox Falls. There were plenty of yachts and cruise ships enjoying the beautiful falls. It was a beautiful spot to just sit and enjoy the scenery.








Chatterbox Falls- Princess Louisa Inlet.


Courtney Comox

One of our visits was to Courtney Comox where we hiked Mt. Washington in Strathcona Park. It was a beautiful hike with a fantastic view of the Comox Valley from the top.



Mt. Washington







We had a wonderful trip and like all my other Canadian Vacations I would go back in a heartbeat.