This past summer my husband and I decided that it was time for a change and rather than driving through Quebec as we have done so many times before (because we love it so much) we thought it would be interesting to explore Lake Superior Provincial Park in Northern Ontario. Our destination was Rock Island Lodge which is just south of Wawa. The incentive for this trip was kayaking and Rock Island Lodge did not disappoint.

Our trip started from Toronto and because we didn't want to drive 13 hours straight we detoured off of Highway 17 to St. Joseph Island. We have never heard of this island before but it sounded interesting. We stayed at the Sunset Bay B & B and were well taken care of by our gracious hosts Paul and Rilla. The island is home of thousands of deer so when driving through the island one must drive with caution. We explored the island for a day and ended it with a fabulous meal at the lighthouse.

As we were driving through Lake Superior Park we stopped at the Tourist Information and asked what we should see with very limited time we had. We were told to visit the Ancient Indian Pictographs on Agawa Rocks and so we did. I really enjoyed the hike to get to the drawings. Although short, the trail is rocky (good shoes a must) which I aways enjoy. Once we arrived at the site I was surprised to see that you had to walk out on flat, slippery rocks right on the edge of the cliff in order to view the drawings. Now I'm an adventurous person but I have to admit that freaked me out just a little because if anyone were to slip off the rocks they would be swallowed by Lake Superior. Okay, maybe a little dramatic here, but it was a little unsettling. A park employee greeted everyone and offered a short tour and history lesson of the Pictographs which I found quite fascinating.

PictographsAncient Indian Pictographs

As soon as we arrived at the lodge my jaw dropped. It was absolutely breathtaking. I wanted to stay longer than the 3 nights I had booked and tried to book another night but they were booked solid. The lodge is modestly decorated but the location is simply beautiful. Nestled on the rocks the lodge is surrounded by water. The lodge is situated right where Lake Superior and the Michipicoten River meet, perfect combination for kayakers. If the water is too rough on the lake kayaking on the river is the way to go. We did both and had a wonderful time. The staff were friendly and courteous and there was live entertainment one of the nights we were there.

Rock Island LodgeRock Island Lodge

Just a few kilometers away is Sandy Beach. A stunningly beautiful beach set in a bay with rugged cliffs and raging waves. The water is usually frightfully cold but this year with the warmer temperatures the water was 6 degrees warmer than usual. We took advantage of that and braved the cold water. Not sure the 6 degrees made that much of a difference for me as my legs lost all feeling but I'm glad I swam just to say that I did. The local children didn't seem to be fazed one bit though.

On the way home from the lodge we camped in Kiillarney Park. We rented a couple of kayaks and headed out on George Lake. The water was like silk and combined with the fog it was very peaceful.

Killarney ParkKillarney Park-George Lake

I didn't know what to expect on this trip but all I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised. We had a great time!