Established in October 2010, Vacations Canada is a website focusing on vacationing in Canada.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this site was to encourage people to travel in Canada. I look back to when I was planning my trip to Newfoundland and was asked by my friends and coworkers if I was going because I had family there and when I said no they asked why was I going. I couldn't understand why they were perplexed. Clearly they had no idea of what it had to offer; amazing whale watching, spectacular hiking trails, the nicest bunch of people you will ever meet and the only place I had ever been where I had a true Zen moment. It was in Twillingate, a charming (what once was) fishing village. We were sitting high up on the rocks overlooking the Bay snacking on Nachos and enjoying a nice cold beer. We knew of a local whale that visited the town Bay regularly and were waiting for him (I called him Twilly). I was enjoying the beautiful scenery when my mind went completely blank. All my thoughts, stresses or concerns were completely gone. I felt as though my mind left my body. I was at peace. It was a beautiful and magical feeling. I have never had that experience again.

The more I travel in Canada the more I discover our wonderful little secrets. We hope you find our site interesting and informative.

Many of my blogs are based on my own experiences traveling in Canada. I have been very fortunate to explore this great country and hope to encourage many of you to consider traveling in Canada as well. 

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The Blue Mountains

Clarksburg, Ontario, Canada

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Donna Altomonte